Placements and References

Placements I have undertook and references from those involved:

BBC Countryfile. Hilary Jones, Project Manager.
"Rhiannon spent 3 weeks with the Countryfile team. The first week she helped the Researchers to set up the location shoot. This included working on the logistics, liaising with contributor and location contacts and basically assisting the Researchers with any last minute requirements. During the second week Rhiannon went on location, travelling on the Wednesday and filming Thursday and Friday. Rhiannon worked extremely hard on the shoot, undertaking basic Runner duties. She coped well under difficult conditions (exterior filming in cold conditions) and supported the team to a professional standard. Both Directors and the Researcher all offered high praise for Rhiannon (unsolicited), saying that she worked well as a member of the team, managed the presenters in a mature and confident manner and overall was a cheerful and diligent Runner. During the final week Rhiannon spent time with the post production team.
Overall Rhiannon was a great addition to the team, fitting in quickly, working hard and maintaining an enthusiastic and cheerful attitude"

BBC Countryfile. Jamie Nash, head of Post Production
"Rhiannon was a enthusiastic learner and was always willing to help out. She was always willing to get stuck in on sometimes boring jobs. Overall she was very energetic and a pleasure to have around. I like to think she enjoyed the time she spent with us even in a rather hectic environment that she coped very well with, i would recommend her."

Production Assistant at Bullion Production, Jack Newman,owner 
"Rhiannon became a crucial member of our production team whilst at Clothes Show live 2011. She was always punctual, extremely hard working  and applied her initiative to every task she was given. As well as helping out the production team she was also eager to learn about other departments and when her time permitted shadowed the camera and post production crew, even doing some of the digitizing work. A major part of working on shoots and in production is about personality. People need to be able to get on well with all types of people and be enjoyable to work with. Rhiannon most certainly fitted in well. We hope that Rhiannon had a good time working with us and wish her the best in her upcoming career. We would welcome her back on future productions and would highly recommend her to other companies"  

Dynamexx Enterprise. Damien Morgan, Owner. 
"Rhiannon helped out with contribtors, filming, editing and PA work for a new rnage of promitonal videos. She was hard working and always punctual and willing to learn. A great person to have on board"

PR and Marketing:

Clarke Associates. Mark Whitehouse, Managing Director. 
"Rhiannon was a joy to have and was keen to learn as many aspects as she could in such a short space of time. She was willing to help out wherever needed and helped with archive and video work for an upcoming campaign.She also helped to undergo a new companies social media campaign with great professionalism and a good work ethic. Great Team player"

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