Rhiannon-Jayne Kilby

 Birmingham ˜ 07936718542 ˜


I am a reliable, trustworthy, happy, confident, outgoing, positive person with a passion for media.  I am keen to learn and enjoy facing difficult tasks and accomplishing them with a team or on my own. Moreover I like dealing with people in a friendly and competent manner, and I am able to handle social situations positively in a professional and competent manner.

Current position-
Part time smoothie bar operative. August 2010-present

Various Past Experience
Martin Hoban- Zumo Smoothie Bar-
Current employer.

Hilary Jones- Production Manager Countryfile

Mark Whitehouse- Deputy Managing director of Clarke Associates (PR and design)

·         I have recently undertaken a 3 week placement with BBC’s CountryFile. This involved researching and planning, going on shoot, and experiences the post production process. This has also lead to various other weeks in Post Production with the BBC.
·         I have undertaken paid work as a Production Assistant with Bullion Productions working at the Clothes show 2011.
·         Moreover I have completed various BBC training including health and safety, legal online and the data protection act, as well as numerous other courses, which have provided me with a sound understanding and knowledge of how the BBC and television making in general works.
·         I have attended another placement at the BBC in Post Production which was in detail of Avid use and the PP division.
·         I have practice as a runner from my experiences with the BBC, Freelancing and from various other placements.
·         I am currently learning up to date Avid software and Adobe Edition software to enable me to be more efficient in the TV and radio editing medium.
·         During the summer I gained a placement at Clarke Associates PR and Design firm, this included correspondence, video making and editing, as well as taking charge of a new social media campaign for a new product.
·         I have also had a 6 month placement with a freelance videographer, this incorporated production management, working as a PA, camera work and editing.
·         I have filmed for various events around the Birmingham area, including a music video, a Jamaican event and a behind the scenes documentary. This includes research, editing, and presenting the final piece.
·         I pride myself on having a good theoretical knowledge of the business and have won awards for excellence in film studies, as well as achieving grades within the top 5% of my year.

·         Since attending University I have gained experience in creating my own television studio pieces and VT inserts as well as and radio packages. This includes recording and editing to the final piece.
·         During college I worked part time at hospital radio, this included playing records and speaking on the radio as well as dealing with requests and issues from the public.
·         I have a strong background of both drama and musical performances. This has have given me a stage knowledge and a good background for camera work and planning ability.

Studying- Birmingham City University.
Media and Communication BA.

August 2010- King Edward IV College. A-level-
Communication and culture- A  Psychology A English A
A.S levels- Film studies- A Philosophy D Dance D
June 2008- The Earls High School. GCSE-
English Literature A* English Language A Business Double Award A A    Science B Additional Science A History  B Music B  German (C), Maths C
·         I am Computer literate (all Microsoft office programs, internet, emails e.g.)
·         I have gained experience with the programs Avid and Adobe edition software for editing. 
·         Due to my background in drama and music I am able to approach and talk to people in a confident and professional manner, meaning social skills and people skills are something that I believe comes naturally to me.
·          Furthermore due to my interest in the media industry’s I have widely applicable skills, photography, journalism, radio, PR and TV are all something I have had experience in and enjoy, this means I have varied skills for a business.
I have a background in music (Grade 4 piano and Clarinet. Grade 5 vocal)Not only does this show I am capable of hard work but also that I understand the discipline that is needed to meet deadlines and hit a certain standard not only in music but in any aspect of life and work.