It’s always good to have goals, so like I said in the beginning im going to use this blog to plan out what I want to do in the next 6-12 months as I feel like this will help me really make sure im meeting all the goals I can.

Ultimately my goal is to work somewhere within the television area; however with some many areas to choose from its hard to say where without fully gaining the experience to see what I enjoy and where my skills lie. I would love to work somewhere within project management as the organisation and peoples dependency on you is something I love and I feel as though I am a very organised person. Although I also love the hustle and bustle of the live events and how you need to use your own thoughts and skills in order to make a bad situation go well. I feel like im too young and somewhat inexperienced to be able to pick an indecisive job out of everything out there, and I also feel like media is so multiplatform it’s a good thing to try out and gain as many skills as possible, something I fully intend to do.

In the next 6 months I want to:
Gain another high profile placement with a large company such as BBC or Sky
Shoot or record my own audio and video in order to produce my own projects.
Improve my own skills with Avid and Adobe Audition in order to make my own work more professional
Commit to university and give it my best in the hope of gaining at least a 2:1 on everything I do.

In the next 12 months I want to:
Start applying for jobs within the media industry
Gain at least 3 more high profile placements, however not just within TV but Radio, PR and Photography in order to hone my skills as much as possible before leaving university.
Record, editing and produce my own freelance projects in order to truly gain as much standing within the media in industry on my own.
Finish my Dissertation!

However I do feel like goals will change depending on which areas I become more aligned to. Television is defiantly where I want to be but it never hurts to have a look around!

So placement wise:
I have already applied for a placement at numerous places such as Sky and BBC Doctors. Unfortunately I didn’t get the Sky one due to the sheer number of people that applied. However I do feel like the experience of filling in the application and learning to write about myself and my skills is a good thing to have, and obviously mine wasn’t as good as some of the others that applied. This means that I obviously need to improve the way I write about myself and showcase my skills better. I filled in a Doctors application today and tried to really take into consideration what I learnt from the Sky one. So fingers crossed!

I also set myself a smaller goal throughout university of gaining placements within the following areas, mostly within the television area as that is where my passion lies:

Gain experience within a location production.
I managed to get this with the placement I conducted on CountryFile from BBC. This involved all areas of production from researching, location shooting and post production and really made me realise that television was where I wanted to be.

Gain experience in Post Production.
I also managed to get this from BBC as well and was lucky enough to spend a week in the Post Production department which enabled me to look at editing and sound managing. Although this broadened by knowledge of the industry I know now that I don’t want to work within the Post Production area however this was a worthwhile experience as I now know more of that part of the television process.

Gain experience within a live event.
Again I am lucky enough to of already gained this experience (although more wouldn’t go amiss) I worked as a paid (yes paid!) Production Assistant for the Official Film Crew of the Clothes Show Live. This was completely different to anything I have ever experienced and was absolutely amazing! The whole atmosphere of the place, the excitement and the chaos suited me down to a tee and I adore the whole situation. Honestly was one of the best, hardest weeks of my life.

Gain experience within a studio environment
I am yet to gain this, although I would really love to gain some sort of experience within a studio environment as this would really allow me to open my wings and play up to abilities I might not know I had. This would be an amazing experience.

Gain experience within a drama environment
This is again something that I really want to pursue, as I have a passion for theatre due to my drama background. The script writing and how this comes to life  through the magic of television really enthrals me and this would be amazing an opportunity.

Gain Experience with more live events.
I loved this so much and anything like this would be a huge achievement to me.

Honestly I would be more than happy to take any placement possible. I am keen to try radio more as this is something I am really keen to improve and enjoy. I have also had a few PR placements with local companies which really  opened my eyes to the way PR companies work.

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