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Hi everyone
Im Rhiannon Kilby and im a 20 year old media and communication student from Birmingham City University. I like to think of myself as a media practitioner and I love everything to do with radio and Television as well as other media platforms.

My main passion is to work within the TV area as I love everything from researching to editing, although my main goal is perhaps somewhere within the Production Management area. However I feel as though I am still young enough to consider various aspects of the television world before deciding on a specific career choice. It is for this reason that I have been gaining as much experience as possible within the media industry as a whole, which will not only allow me to truly consider various options but it will allow me to also become multimedia skilled, which is of course and important task.  Ideally in 10 years I will be working on a factual television program as production manager or on a live event. 

 As through placements I have learnt that the high pressure situations that require good organisational skills are something that I am vastly suited too. It has become clear to me that I love every aspect of TV and I cannot possibly rule out the idea that in 10 years’ time I will still wanting to get stuck into everything and make myself as useful as possible.  

Current skills and job roles that I am demonstrating and learning:
Researching, Location Researcher, Production Assistant, Runner, Public Relation Adviser, Publicist, Personal Assistant
Adobe Audition, Recording audio and video, Avid Media Composer, Radio Production, TV production, Public Speaking, Speech Writing, Script Writing, Personal Assistant Duties, Make up Artist.  

I am defiantly better at the communication side of the production as this is where my people skills and team skills come into play. Any questions? Just ask 

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