Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Radio Documentary

Hi everyone,
So above this blog post right now is a small bar full of a few links. If you haven’t I suggest you should go have a click around with them now.  Heres a link to my soundcloud just incase
 Now one of the most exciting ones if the Soundcloud link, which takes you to everything I have put up that I have produced for radio. There are mostly adverts but currently im really working on improving my radio documentary skills, not just the technical stuff (although that is important) but im trying to improve my journalism skills. So this is my best, to date, documentary I’ve produced and honestly Im really proud of it.
This was produced for my radio documentary class where the brief was literally create any sort of documentary that is 5 minutes long, which was great because I really got to get creative. So everyone go and comment! I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts so I can really improve my skills.
Luckily this has led to a lot more people talking to me and asking me about my progress, as well as the chain makers I made the documentaries for being really pleased with the results. This was hard to do though, not the getting of the information but rather the piecing it all together, as there was no brief as such it was hard to know what it is I wanted in my piece. Also I wish I could of realised before it was too late about the static on the piece and fixed that, as I feel it really brings the piece down.
Alas, you live you learn and I learnt a lot from this.

R xx

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