Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Radio 101

Radio is fast becoming something I really love doing, whether it’s the making of adverts and documentaries or even just researching a topic and finding out more about it. As you've probably noticed I've uploaded quite a few Soundcloud files recently and whilst I'll admit they aren’t perfect, I like to think they help me to showcase my skills to the best of my ability.

Something that does really appeal to me in Radio or at least the way mu university course does it, it how everything depends on you. When making a documentary for example it’s all your own ideas and your own time and effort that make it happen. Now im not saying that real Radio Production is like that because I don’t know, I haven’t had any experience within a radio company (its coming, trust me) But I like to think that radio documentaries are your own speed, and while you have deadlines and boundaries to meet,  it’s you that ultimately is in charge of your own piece. I think that is amazing.

Take for example the recent documentary I made about chain makers. Firstly I choose the topic because I already knew two contributors and knew that they would be interesting to talk to and be able to tell me lots of good things. I went down to them,  spent the day with them recording  them talking and sound effects and really enjoyed the whole process. Admittedly I think I may of gotten over zealous as I had 27 mins of audio for a 5 minute piece but that was the exciting part.  During the editing process I realised there was so much good audio I couldn’t possibly cram it all in a do it justice. So I made 1 piece focusing on the story telling aspect of chain making and when I have some more time off from uni, or less assignments too meet, (everything is in this week) I plan to play around and create another one.

I really loved the fact that everything was off my own back and felt truly proud of what I had accomplished, one of the reasons I love being in this industry! 


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