Sunday, 4 March 2012

Ever since I was little all I have ever wanted is to live in a penthouse flat, afford designer shoes and handbags and drink cocktails on the roof. Now, of course I know now that there are things more important, way more important, but a part of me still wants that. Luckily, my dream has also coincided with my passion for the media. I love TV, radio and journalism and can honestly think of nothing better than playing a part in people lives for the rest of my own life, luckily, if im good, this passion can (hopefully) pave the way for me to be living the lifestyle and happy life I want.

Im currently in university and working really hard to try and learn as much and gain as many experiences as possible in as many different places as I can. I’ve currently managed to pull down placements as the BBC, The Clothes Show and independent companies. Whilst I feel as though I am doing as much as I possibly can I always feel, in the back of my head, like I should be doing more. I want more placements, more experience, more skills and of course more contacts!

I want to use this blog for a number of reasons:

Firstly so I can document what I’ve done and what I’ve learnt. Of course if this works out it will look good for future employers but I want to do it for me. Not only so that I can plan out what areas im missing in, or what I feel I could do more in, but so I don’t forget things. So I can look back in 2 years and feel proud that, if this does or doesn’t all work out (it will) I can know I have done as much and learnt as much as I possibly could of.

Secondarily everybody (at least everybody who isn’t in the media) thinks it’s a glamorous exciting lifestyle.  Well I may only be new to this industry but I can tell anyone for a fact that glamour isn’t the first word in media, nor the second really. Yes there are gorgeous parties and freebies, but these are far and few between and unless your important these don’t really concern you. What I can tell you though, is that long hours and hard work as well as the occasional mud drenched field (BBC im looking at you)  are the bread and butter of this industry, and I kind of like that though as I know that though as know that these will enable me to one day, receive the freebies and attend the parties.

Lastly, this is my life. I can honestly say I have no idea what I want to do right now apart from working within the industry I love. Even within the industry there are so many roles that I can’t possibly choose right now. So im going to keep working as hard, and learning as much as I can so that one day, those handbags and cocktails can become a reality.

R xx

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